The eyeora VR studio offers a user friendly drag n drop tool, creates 360 scenes with real-time gaze control hotspots and  auto-sync's multiple camera angles in main scene feature, making anyone a PRO VR content creator.


Via the VR studio create your own customised 3D VR Room. It can be fully branded, with banners, logos and URL links or PRO 360 content with hotspots, real-time editor allowing other VR explorers a social VR space.



Social VR events can be scheduled via the eyeora VR studio. Any plan can invite private groups to explore your VR room or others, assign content to view in event or open entry via a public VR event, connect and explore.


eyeora VR solution

A VR studio for 360 content management, 3D VR room customisation, social interaction and monetisation


As simple as login to create drag n drop gaze control hotspots or autosync multiple camera angles in main scenes within seconds. No coding, save 70% on post production.


Edit, preview and distribution is now possible, upload scenes or angles, let our VR studio & cloud servers do all the rendering, make new changes in real time, auto publish.


Gone are the days waiting hours for a 1hr video to be rendered, save time, money and improve every VR experience with our VR studio, only £5 p/m to start.


Customise your VR room in real-time i.e URL links, images, logos and much more. Schedule public or private social group events. We empower businesses & consumers with all the tools needed for instant market entry at a low cost NOW.


eyeora VR studio creates, manages and delivers your world in real time, both personal and professional

User friendly drag & drop tool

With drag & drop, allow VR viewers to move between scenes or angles e.g in 360 concerts, property tours, sports, lectures, life moments, shows, lessons. Creating 360 VR content experiences has never been easier.

Any one can do it In Minutes

Designed for non technical users there is no coding needed. Simply upload and create; your VR experience, schedule VR events, customise VR rooms and invite private groups or make public for all to explore. Fast, affordable and instant.

Quick & Financially Rewarding

Deliver 360 content, customise VR room or organise social events in minutes, not weeks or months, without breaking the bank. After month 1, earn up to 40% of all advertising revenue & reward your invited audience their own VR room.

Out Of The Box VR

The eyeora VR studio is everything you need to get started in minutes. A VR personal or professional social network, in your VR room or explore others, with group leader features, assemble group, VR Cinema, Web Browser, Branding & more…


eyeora VR studio can launch your branded, social and real time 3D VR room in minutes

Create Multiple Customised VR Room's

B2B or B2C now have the option to manage unlimited 3D VR rooms via one master account. eyeora see branded VR rooms as the ideal personal and professional distribution social meet-up standard. Easy digital asset set up via the VR studio will make real-time customisation a must have feature for VR. No more repeated submissions or limitations on inviting your family, friends, fans or colleagues to dedicated VR rooms in all VR headsets.

Personalise your 3D voice-chat avatar

Once registered for free or paid plans, every user can personalise their own 3D voice-chat avatar while in VR mode. Options to edit many versions and join others in scheduled private, public events or explore public VR rooms. eyeora are content other users... start now.


eyeora VR studio allows anyone to schedule private or random public VR events

invite private or Public groups to attend a scheduled event in any VR room

attach The VR Room of choice HD or 360 content, images, 3D objects to events

select an event category eg meeting, property viewing, match, wedding...

charge Fee to enter VR room or Free entry, if VR Room owner allows

Use the events feature to create a VR 3D presentation or immersive VR pitch

Use any 360º camera and upload video to VR Studio from anywhere

Easy creation, drag and drop editing, autosync angles & publishing

Create your own VR Room and organise meet ups or events

Distribute content or connect socially to any VR headset instantly

download our eyeora VR app for mobile insert headsets soon (Feb 2020)

find our eyeora VR app on these standalone VR headsets soon (Feb 2020)

Use any 360 camera & upload

No coding required

Drag n drop 360 video scenes

Autosync 360 camera angles

Public or private invite viewing

Create pay per view VR pass

Customise 3D Room assets

Recycle 2D content in cinema