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Discover our turnkey studio that empowers you to create, share and monetise Virtual Reality content - no technical skills needed.

What We Do For Content Creators

Introducing the Studio that makes everyone a Pro VR content creator

Our studio’s user-friendly tools will help you deliver fully immersive experiences that entertain, excite and inspire. In addition, our VR App has everything your audience needs to guarantee a premium and social VR experience including life-like 3D avatars, group meet-ups and verbal chat.

Our studio enables real-time 360 video content management, 3D VR room customisation and VR event creation with the ability to publish content directly to eyeora’s social VR App. Content can be shared with a private group or made public for all to explore.

Monetise your content by using our built-in pay-per-view feature for events and/or earn a share of advertising revenue by driving high numbers of visitors to your content.

Say goodbye to coding and instead auto-sync multiple 360 camera angles and add unlimited hotspots in seconds using simple drag and drop. Edits can be made in real-time, without the need to render the whole VR experience again.

The studio has everything needed for non-technical creators to get started in minutes and for as little as £9.99/month.

Easy to access: Explorers have easy and free access to eyeora’s VR App through a number of stores including the AppStore and the Google Play Store. When not in VR, our 2D app allows them to browse content, buy tickets and receive notifications on new events and content.

How It Works

Get started as a VR Creator in minutes

Our user-friendly Studio allows you to create Virtual Reality experiences quickly, easily and economically and then share and monetise your content through our social VR platform.


Create your 3D room

Welcome to your own personal VR content hub. Name it, add a description, a cover image and decide on whether you want it to be private or public access.


Add & edit content

Upload your 2D and 3D content to the different zones in your room. Use our 360 (degree) video editor to make your content interactive and multi-layered by adding hotspots, as well as new scenes and angles.


Share content

When you’re ready, publish your 3D room to eyeora’s VR platform and create an event for people to come in and view it. Make your content public for the eyeora community to discover and experience, or, keep it private and restrict access to invite-only.

Monetise your content

Earn from ticket sales

Package up your content and create a pay-per-view VR event. You set the price, launch date and availability period.

Monetise your content

Earn advertising revenue

Drive high traffic to your content, and eyeora will reward you with up to a 40% share of advertising revenue.


Track performance

Monitor performance analytics of your VR content including sales and revenue, all on one integrated platform.


Track performance

Monitor performance analytics of your VR content including sales and revenue, all on one integrated platform.

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Studio Features

Virtual Reality made simple

No high-entry costs, no coding, no lengthy post-production.

Customise your own 3D rooms by adding 2D and 360 content


Shoot content using any 360 camera and upload


Auto sync multiple camera angles and scenes into your main 360 scene in real-time


Add hotspots to your 360 content using drag and drop


Publish your content to our VR platform and create free and pay-per-view events


Add revenue share partners to your pay-per-view events


Create green screen events in our 3D Hologram Stadium (coming soon)


Create hologram events in your own 3D rooms (coming soon)

Audience Experience

Build it and they will come

Create and share fully immersive experiences through our unique and inclusive social VR platform.

Personalised 3D life-like avatars

Your audience can generate free, life-like 3D avatars to connect and verbally chat with friends in VR.

Social meet-ups

They can experience VR content together with friends, on a date and time that suits them.

Easy to navigate

They can interact with the eyeora 3D environment and your content using simple gaze control.

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Accessible to all

The eyeora VR app is free to download from a range of stores including the AppStore and the Google Play Store which means only a mobile insert VR headset is needed to get started.

One Platform. One Community.

Bringing VR Creators and Explorers together on one network

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