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How to watch eyeora VR

We make it easy for everyone to experience VR through any mobile insert headset, as well as a growing number of standalone headsets.


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Choose your headset


Mobile insert VR headsets

These types of headsets transform your iOS or Android smartphone into a portable VR device and provide an inexpensive way to try out VR

Simply download the eyeora app from the AppStore or Google Play Store, launch the app and then insert your mobile device into the viewer, with the screen facing towards you. Raise the viewer to your eyes and then use your gaze to start interacting with your virtual environment.

For Android phones you can download a free app from the Google Play Store that will check the VR compatibility of your phone. Most iPhones are VR-capable, but the iPhone 6 and newer models will perform the best.

Not all mobile insert headsets are compatible with all smartphones, so it’s important to check for compatibility before purchasing.

These types of headsets provide the most affordable way to experience VR, although within this category there is still a range of options and price points. Prices start from approximately £8.

In general, a mobile insert headset will be unable to compete with the viewing quality that a premium standalone headset can offer and is greatly reliant on the resolution of your smartphone’s screen, however, that said, it can be a great entry level option for those new to VR and who want to try it out before investing in a more premium standalone viewing device.


Standalone VR headsets

This type of headset is an all-in-one device and a more premium option compared to the mobile insert headset. It does not require a PC or smartphone to deliver a VR experience.

Simply turn the headset on, place it on your head with the viewing screen covering your eyes, then use your handheld controller to download the eyeora app from the device’s store. Use your eyeora account details to login and then start exploring using your gaze to interact with your virtual environment.

The eyeora app is currently available on the Pico app store and will soon be available on the Oculus and Vive app stores. It will be available on all headsets supported by these stores including both standalone headsets and PC-tethered headsets.

The Oculus Quest 2 is Oculus’ current offering for standalone headsets. Vive have the Vive Focus Plus but this is focused more on business users.

Pico headsets are currently only available to businesses and developers but will soon be available to the general public. Watch this space for pricing and supplier details.

Standalone headsets offer a more powerful VR experience than a mobile insert VR headset, and are consequently more expensive.

The Oculus Quest 2 retails from £299.

The Vive Focus Plus is aimed at business users and developers and costs £777 +VAT.

The Pico headset is currently only available to businesses and developers but will soon be available to the general public. Watch this space for pricing and supplier details.

This type of headset will enable you to truly immerse yourself in the world of eyeora VR. We suggest that if a standalone VR headset is within your budget, it would be the best option to guarantee a premium experience.

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Get set up

Once you have registered for your free eyeora account, and have downloaded the app on your smartphone or headset, you are ready to start exploring. Here are some tips on how to ensure a great VR experience with eyeora:

Create your avatar

You need a virtual ‘you’ to interact with your virtual environment. Create your own personalised life-like 3D avatar in seconds by simply uploading a headshot photo of yourself via your dashboard (under 'my profile'). You will then have the option to choose your life-like avatar when you enter VR mode. Alternatively you can choose to customise and use our ready-made, animated 3D avatar.

Get social

Experiences are generally better when they’re shared. Schedule meet-ups with friends before events and experience your favourite music and sports events together.

Check your internet speed

For events in the eyeora Stadium and for social meet-ups, the minimum recommended internet connection speed is 12-15mb per second. This rises to 25mb per second when streaming video within eyeora.

Unsure of your connection speed? There are a number of websites that you can use to test your internet speed for free

Avoid overloading your Wi-Fi

To free up bandwidth, ideally disconnect other Wi-Fi enabled devices, or at least ask others sharing your Wi-Fi network, to avoid streaming music and video during your VR time.

Prepare a safe space

With your field of vision covered, it's important to get set up for your VR experience in a comfortable, safe space. Ensure there are no immediate hazards in the surrounding area and only move out of that space if you remove your headset.

Take a seat

It’s not essential by any means but a swivel chair is a great accessory for a comfortable VR experience as it gives you 360 degrees freedom of movement.

Plug in your headphones

Having good sound is key for creating the best immersive experiences and a decent pair of headphones will help deliver this.

Start slowly

If you are new to Virtual Reality it’s best to start with shorter, less challenging VR experiences. This will help you get used to wearing the headset and also help you to manage any motion sickness sensitivity that you may have.

Keep your device charged

Remember to charge your headset device after every use and to turn it off when you are not wearing it. For those with mobile insert headsets you won’t need to charge the headset but you will need to ensure your phone is charged.


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Stay informed of upcoming events, the latest features and exclusive offers from eyeora.