Most frequent questions and answers

Changing your password couldn’t be simpler. You can get to the “change your password” option in just three clicks.

1: Just click on your username/email button in the top right of your dashboard

2: Select the “My account” option in the dropdown menu

3: In the lower left input old password, then input the new on in boxes indicated, click the “Save” button.

That’s it, you have successfully changed your password.

The VARstudio will work on any browser. We at eyeora use all browsers to ensure connectivity between users is uninterrupted.

Eyeora offer you three plans to suit your needs.

1: Eyeora Free Option: This option is an introductory option with limited functions and 1 VR Room.

2: Eyeora Pro Option: This option gives you more functions for £5pm. Earning revenue options, 10GB storage and 4 Branded VR Rooms.

3: White Label Option: This option gives you access to all the pro features eyeora has to offer. Offering 40% AD revenue, custom storage and unlimited VR Rooms. This option is a bespoke option and prices will differ depending on your requests. Get in touch via email and we will be happy to give you a quote.

All plans also include:

  • View 360 & 2D Content
  • Verbal chat with friends
  • Create custom 3D avatar
  • Manage E-Wallet
  • Share event and contents
  • Download 3rd party VR applications
  • Purchase PPV passes
  • 1 Dedicated 3D room

Upgrading your account is just a few clicks away via the VARstudio. Just go to your account settings in the top right hand corner, select “account” and then select the “plans” tab, where you will see a list of plans for you to choose from

You can use any 360 camera currently on the market. As long as they have a minimum of 2K resolution.

You can use any VR headset that is currently on the market, and with the eyeora phone app, you can even use google cardboard or other mobile inserts.

Cancelling your plans is straight forward. Just go to you account settings in the top right corner, select “account” then select the “Plans” tab. Once selected you will clearly see the tab marked “Cancel my plan” Select that and follow the on screen prompts to cancel your plan. Once cancelled you will receive a confirmation email to verify the cancellation.

No, it’s free. All that is required is for you to sign up and register.